when your followers actually send you asks

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They feel weird and junk…ehh… D:

Is there something wrong with my eyebrows!?

*snorts* Pfff—I…I mean no! No! Your eyebrows look fine PG..

Heroes aren’t supposed to steal so I call it borrowing!

[Singing part coming soon…]

I’m a buff baby and I can dance like a man~

((The number of times I had to retake this. Omg. /dead.))

They feel weird and junk…ehh… D:

Hey, I don't really have tumblr, but my friend does. I'm a huuuuuugggeee Adventure Time fan, and OmG! Your cosplay is totes better than others I've seen!! HOW DID YOU MAKE THE HAT? It's super cool :D <3 <3 <3
─ Anonymous

(( Oh gosh. Uhm…thank you so much! As I’ve said before, we made everything in my costume from scratch.

I wasn’t able to take pics of the progress on my hat but we used a jacket’s hood as a pattern and cut to holes in in to slip in the bunny ears that is filled with stuffing and a wire to keep it standing still. ))

(( Also, thank you all so much for 235 followers! I see that my ask box has 195 messages rn and there’s like 8 (edit. sorry. miscounted. ~.~) waiting to be answered. I’m getting to them now but

as for the ones online, you guys wanna chat with me for a bit? I’ll set up a TC or something? pls? uwu ))


Yup! The hero’s back! So now it’s question time bros!


Hey guys! I’m glad I’ve been getting some questions around here but I won’t be able to answer them rn.

BUT! I will be online next Friday (Aug 10) so please just leave those messages in there!

I’ll see you guys next week okay!

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